Rental Spaces

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Pavillion Hall

The Pavillion

Pinnacle Room

Event room space rental at Bolado Park, San Benito County

The Oaks

The Oaks room space rental for events at Bolado Park, San Benito County

Youth Hall

Riverside Room

Riverside Room space rental at Bolado Park


Outdoor patio space at Bolado Park

Main Lawn

Main lawn at Bolado Park

Picnic Areas

Picnic area rental space at Bolado Park

North Camping/Picnic Area


Grandstands at Bolado Park

About the spaces

Buildings include use of kitchen where available, and tables and chairs. See our chart for detailed capacity per building.

Other fees may apply: Alcohol fee, additional chairs/tables, insurance and security.

The fees are different depending on the number of people, if alcohol is being served, and insurance provider rates.  Security fees vary slightly by company.

Questions? Please call or contact the Bolado Park Event Center office.
Telephone: (831) 628-3421