About Bolado Park Event Center

Authentic venues and lasting memories

One-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor rental spaces for your wedding, reception, quinceañera, birthday party or large public event.

Nestled among the trees of its own narrow valley, Bolado Park evokes a sense of roots and community. Let your eyes roam over scenic vistas and historic buildings. Listen to the birds sing. Relax and feel transported from the rushed here and now to a slower, more gentle time. Know that we are here to help you make memories.

About the location

The location is 1.6 miles from ‘downtown’ Tres Pinos (population 476), or 8.5 miles from central Hollister. You can access our facility from north or south on the well maintained Highway 25 leading to Pinnacles National Park. We are 17 miles (24 minutes) from Highway 101 at San Juan Bautista. Leave your urban cares behind.

Facilities overview

The range of options among the event facilities offer the perfect setting for an array of magical experiences for you and those you care about. The enviable year-round mild climate means both indoor and outdoor opportunities abound. The natural and/or built environment here provides the perfect backdrop for your event, big or small. Five onsite kitchens support serving refreshments, modest snacks or feasts, to your guests. And if you don’t see what you need for your event, please just ask, we’re glad to help.

General site amenities

We pride ourselves on high standards of customer service and support. Thanks to our partner, the San Benito County Heritage Foundation, many of our buildings have been upgraded in a thoughtful way over the past ten years. Your guests will enjoy free parking. Depending on location and event, there are green expanses of lawn for games or concert seating.

Support from the San Benito County Heritage Foundation

The San Benito County Heritage Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit of volunteers organized in 2008 to support Bolado Park because they value the longtime home of the San Benito County Fair, San Benito County Saddle Horse Show and Rodeo, and many other community events. The Foundation’s goal is to contribute to excellence in the facilities and grounds of Bolado Park by providing funds for capital improvements. The Board of Directors oversees the contributions of more than 400 members. Fundraising includes special events, grants, Hospitality Area at the Fair, annual dues, dinners, and sponsoring the raising of a “Heritage Hog” auctioned at the County Fair. To find our more, visit the Heritage Foundation website.


The Bolado Park grounds were originally part of a large Mexican land grant called Rancho Santa Ana y Quien Sabe which was granted in 1834. In 1867, the largest portion was purchased at a public auction at the Plaza Hotel in San Juan Bautista by a Spaniard named Joaquin Bolado and his partner Jose Argues (later Bolado bought out Arques’ 1/3 interest in the property). Joaquin married Julia Abrego, niece of Juan Bautista Alvarado, then Governor of California, and General Vallejo. Julia, their only surviving child, was born in 1864 and became sole heir to the property.

Since 1919, the County Fair was held annually at the high school grounds in Hollister. But in 1922, a rain-swollen San Benito River flooded this area, so the county Farm Bureau got permission to stage the county fair on Mrs. Bolado Davis’ property south of Tres Pinos. In previous years, Mrs. Bolado Davis had allowed the Farm Bureau to hold their annual picnic on the property. In 1923, the Farm Bureau signed a 15 year lease with an option to renew for another 15 years, to create a county recreation center. Community fund raisers were organized to support the development of the park, including dance pavilion and heated swimming pool.

The second lease of 1933 included an exclusive option to purchase 51 acres for $10,000. In 1937, the 33rd District Agricultural Association (DAA) was created (the State first organized DAAs in 1902). In 1938, Julia Bolado Davis and her two sons “gave and granted” the DAA the deed to the property, noting that the Park would officially be known as Bolado Park to honor her father.

More details about the history of Bolado Park: PDF provided by Martha Tobias at SBC Cattlewomen 2015 Heritage Night and July 2016 BP Youth Ambassadors Leadership Academy

More about the life of Julia Bolado Ashe Davis